The Convenience and Versatility of Plant Chicken

Let’s get real: COVID-19 has changed everything—most definitely including the way we eat. Try—if you can—to picture pre-COVID life. Maybe you were commuting to and from work, shuffling kids to activities or just overall busier. Back then, on-the-go eating was a part of your every day. After all, who had time for anything else? But once the pandemic hit and most restaurants and food outlets closed their doors, cooking at home became a non-negotiable. Suddenly, putting together elaborate meals was a comforting daily ritual that many actually began to appreciate. And come on… were you really on lockdown if you didn’t try baking banana bread?!

Daring pouches in 4 flavors

Products offering versatility stole the spotlight from on-the-go heroes

Foods and ingredients customizable in a variety of different recipes simply made more sense to stock up on during those limited grocery store runs. Now, with vaccines on the scene, the health climate—and in turn, eating trends—has once again changed from the way it was just months ago. While people are still using the cooking skills they cultivated during early COVID, they are scaling back from feast-mode. These days, it’s all about foods that offer quick, easy ways to keep up the cooking.

And that’s where Daring comes in

The ideal option for making easy, healthy plant-based chicken dinners and beyond, Daring is perfect for busy amateur chefs who still want to make meals from scratch. Though in so many areas Daring may seem like a shortcut, it’s actually a step-up in terms of sustainability—and so, so much more. With Daring’s ultimate goal to replace chicken from the food system, we needed our product to be as close to—or better than—its animal-based counterpart.

See, where animal-based chicken takes up to 35 minutes to cook, Daring takes 10; where animal-based chicken is most commonly used for a meal, Daring (especially Breaded pieces) can be quickly baked for a snack; where animal-based chicken needs to be marinated and spiced, Daring comes in pre-flavored options (Cajun, Lemon & Herb, Breaded—yum!). So you can whip up a burrito bowl, toss on top of your pasta or add to a salad pretty much on-the-fly.
Daring Pizza

Unclucked Recipes

Of course, if creativity in the kitchen is your thing, Original pieces are available too, and awaiting nearly any international flavor possible. Need inspo? Check out our Unclucked recipes for a variety of healthy plant-based dinners and beyond here. (You’ll quickly see, if you can make it with chicken, you can make it with Daring).

While we can’t give too much away, it’s worth your while to stay on the lookout for expanded Daring chicken formats coming soon… Because whether your idea of convenience is cooking from fresh or frozen, Daring’s here to save you time and deliver big on flavor in easy plant-based meals. All without an animal in sight.

Sink your teeth into any flavor of Daring pieces, and you’ll understand exactly what we mean; our chicken is juicy, fibrous, meaty, and—oh—made out of plants.So come, give plant-based a no-pressure whirl. Available in thousands of your favorite stores across the country, changing the world for the better is as easy as doing an errand. Or if you’d rather order online, a special 10% off code is waiting for you when you use promo code Daring10 at checkout.