Daring to eat healthy

Whether you’re exploring healthy dinners for yourself and your family, or searching for a cleaner post-workout crave, look no further than Daring. Order today on daring.com for shipping directly to your door, or use our store locator to find Daring at a store near you. And take that next step towards healthier eating, and living.

Daring chicken

Eat Plants. Not Chicken.

What if you could eat healthier and feel better without letting your taste buds down? With Daring 100% plant-based chicken, you can. From nutrition to taste, versatility to convenience—Daring is just the plant-based protein you need to take your plant-based diet to the next level and make a healthy lifestyle all the more fulfilling.

Daring tacos

Eat clean.

You get out what you put in. That’s why we only put simple, natural ingredients into our plant-based protein. Daring is as satisfying as it is energizing, bringing heartiness to healthy dinners, and fueling your daily—and fitness—routines.

Eat up.

Healthy meals shouldn’t come with a side of compromise. Tastefully seasoned, succulently textured and endlessly versatile, Daring delivers a culinary experience unlike any other.

You can swap chicken for Daring in virtually any healthy recipe that calls for bird—from salads and wraps, to tacos, soups, sliders and more. And because it cooks fast and easy, meal prep is super convenient, making it perfect for on-the-go bites and post-workout meals.

Sometimes you’re in the mood for zesty. Sometimes crispy. Sometimes spicy. And other times, only original will do. Don’t worry. Daring’s got you covered.