We’re on a mission to re-think and replace animal chicken in the food system.

At Daring, we’re chicken lovers who believe eating more plants and treating animals better are both pretty important. It's why we're working to make chicken better in every way.

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What if we could MAKE CHICKEN BETTER?

What if we could give people everything they love about chicken—the flavor, the texture, the experience—without the animal? By making the swap to Daring Plant Chicken you can lower your environmental footprint by over 80%.

Plant Chicken uses 82% LESS water than animal chicken.

Plant Chicken uses 74% LESS land than animal chicken.

Plant Chicken produces 88% FEWER C02 emissions than animal chicken.

SOURCE: 2020 Blue Horizon report

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Of plant chicken

Choosing Daring Plant Chicken over animal protein lowers your environmental footprint by:

The water footprint to 0 SHOWERS of personal water use

The land footprint to 0 SQ. FT worth of land

The GHG emissions equivalent to taking 0 CARS off the road

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