*Original Plant Chicken Pieces

Dare to SERVE up some Daring?

Daring Plant Chicken looks, cooks, and tastes uncannily chicken-y, yet is 100% plant-based with only 6* simple ingredients. Let Daring level up your menu for chicken lovers of all kinds.

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Plant Chicken Strips

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Plant Chicken Strips

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Why Plant-Based Chicken?

Including plant-based items on your menu will bring new, high value diners to your doors.

Diners want plant-based:


of Flexitarians want more plant-based meat options, and they’re willing to pay $1.48 more per meal for it.

Plant-Based Chicken Is Driving Growth:


increase in the amount of menus featuring plant-based chicken in 2021 from years prior.

Made with a short list of simple ingredients.

Daring is Plant Chicken diners can feel good about. A true 1:1 swap in any dish, if you can make it with chicken, you can make it with Daring.

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Convenient & Easy

If you can cook chicken, you can cook Daring. Daring cooks from frozen in as little as 6 to 7 minutes using a variety of surfaces and methods.

Zero Compromise

From taste to texture to pull to overall satisfaction and craveability, Daring delivers the full chicken experience—without the chicken.

Resources & Guides

Whether you’re just getting started, or looking for a refresher on all things Daring, these materials were made for you.

Cooking & Serving

Everything Else

Daring Chefs Say

“In the past I haven’t typically pursued plant-based proteins. Since being introduced to Daring my perception has changed, and I’m stoked to be able to offer plant-based versions of my original dishes and more with it. It’s texture, size, and mouthfeel allow for a broad usage across our menu.”

- Chef Ronnie Munoz
Head Chef of Ronnie’s on Sunset (LA)

“The great thing about Daring plant-based chicken is that not only does it cook like normal chickeng, but in a stew or gravy, you really don’t have to worry about over-cooking. It retains its moisture, and it retains its texture under extreme cooking circumstances.”

-Chef Josh Wetshtein
Winker’s Diner (Miami)

Mission and Sustainability

We’re chicken lovers who believe eating more plants and treating animals better are both pretty important. It's why we're working to make chicken better in every way.

Our Mission

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Daring Unbreaded Plant Chicken Strips


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Daring Breaded Plant Chicken Strips


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