Dare to serve up

some DARING?

Daring Plant Chicken looks, cooks and tastes uncannily chicken-y, yet is 100% plants. Let Daring level up your menu for chicken lovers of all kinds.

A SIMPLE SWAP from chicken to Daring.

We made a better chicken, and we made it out of plants. Daring Plant Chicken is a 1:1 swap for chicken in almost any recipe you can imagine. Plus Daring Plant Chicken cooks from frozen or thawed in as little as four minutes. In short, anything you can make with chicken is made even better with Daring Plant Chicken.

"There's no difference cooking with Daring, it's just like regular chicken. It's fast"

- NYC Quick Service Chef

What CHEFS and DINERS want.

Over ⅓ of the population Is plant-based. And consumers are looking for more sustainable product options when they dine out. (No surprise given the disturbing facts about producing animal chicken, and the health benefits of eating more plants). Daring Plant Chicken is the fastest, most seamless way to cater to all types of chicken lovers. Not to mention, Daring is now the #1 Non-Breaded Plant-Based Chicken Brand in retail for both Natural and Multi-Outlet (Grocery, Mass, Drug Channels).

Daring pieces

A SHORT list of SIMPLE ingredients.

Our plant chicken is made with as little as six simple, wholesome ingredients, a shorter list than any other of its kind. All the while packing in 14 grams of plant protein per serving. Daring Plant Chicken is healthier for chickens, people and the planet and gives customers the confidence of knowing exactly what they are eating.


100% Plant-Based

High In Protein

Low In Fat


Our Products

Mouth watering yet? We thought so. You can’t go wrong with any Daring Plant Chicken flavor.

Daring Original XL

Daring Original Plant Chicken Pieces

Craveable, delicious chicken made from non-GMO plants and a short list of wholesome ingredients.

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Daring Breaded

Daring Gluten-Free Breaded Plant Chicken Pieces

Our Breaded Plant Chicken Pieces are a total hit. After all, what’s not to love about tender 100% plant-based chicken covered in the ultimate crispy crunch?

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How to cook Daring

Versatile, convenient, delicious.

Daring does anything chicken does, better.

Daring plant based vegan chicken pieces pan frying in a skillet

Pan Fry

  • Heat sauté pan on medium heat and add 1/4“ of vegetable oil to 350°F(177°C)
  • Place breaded Daring pieces into pan and shallow fry 2 minutes
  • Flip and cook for 2 minutes until golden brown
  • Heat throughout to 165°F (74°C)
Daring plant based vegan chicken pieces sauteing in a pan


  • Daring sautés easy. While it cooks well on a variety of surfaces, we recommend using a non-stick pan, lightly coated with a high smoke point oil and set over medium heat.
  • It takes all of 6-7 minutes (from frozen) for Daring to reach it’s full crisped-up, golden-brown glory. Daring Cajun and Lemon & Herb take up to 5-6 minutes.

Daring in Action.

So many restaurants are already serving up Daring Plant Chicken. Get inspired and check out some of the endless ways to prepare it.

Daring Plant Chicken Pot Pie


Daring Rice Noodles

Sushi Fly Chicken

Daring Fried Rice


Daring Plant Chicken Shawarma

Strawberry Moon

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Reach out with any questions, comments or to request a free sample. We'd love to help get Daring Plant Chicken on your menu today.